TEVERUN Electric Scooter’s predecessor is BLADE SCOOTER, and we have been engaged in scooter manufacturing since 2017. TEVERUN brand is the result of a collaborative effort between the CEOs of BLADE Scooter and MINIMOTORS (Dualtron). After numerous scooter industry discussions, we have decided to design the finest scooter models together and grow into electric scooter artists together.

Teverun Story

In 2017, We entered the field of electric scooter, mainly focusing on OEM orders.

In 2018, We decided to build our own-design scooter, and launched our first generation of BLADE series scooter: BLADE 10, which provided us with much initial experience.

In 2020, With summarizing experience, we launched BLADE X. It has stable structure and electric control system– one model which won praise and attracted high attention. This scooter has earned us our first fans and attention.

In 2021, BLADE GT was born with very nice design and competitive price, greatly expanding our market share and brand awareness. Our partners have extended from normal distributors to long-term dealers and exclusive dealers.

In 2022, We have reached a strategic cooperation with MINIMOTORS, we launched the TEVERUN brand, expanded the entire team, and successively created new models FIGHTER 11, FIGHTER SUPREME AND BLADE MINI.

The founder’s sincere love for the scooter, makes us refined all the details– even if, a single screw, we have pursued it to the perfect match.

Edwin believes that the scooter should be a work of art, it’s worth studying and upgrading for a life time. We must have craftsman spirit in producing and designing each scooter, and all the details deserve.

Our brand philosophy is to be a scooter artist and to consider TEVERUN scooters as works of art.

teverun 2023

Our Mission

To Produce Electric Scooters With Art Collection Value.


Become A Century-Old Famous Enterprise And  Go Down In History Of The Electric Scooter Industry.