about Fighter Supreme 7260R

A. 13 inches CST tire

The largest size tyre ever used by Teverun!

The tyre size of 13 inches provides this beast with stable grip and center of gravity, enabling it to adapt to any speed and complex terrain.

B. Motor Power

With such a powerful engine and throttle, a high-output motor is of course necessary.

2500W dual motor, 8000W average power, in Turbo mode, the maximum instantaneous power of the motor can reach nearly 11000W!

This also allows the 7260R to easily break the crazy speed of 120KM/H in Turbo mode!

G. More secure and stable current electric controller

According to the most rigorous 3C electrical appliance certification standard, we have paired this beast with the most powerful “heart”:Dual 70A-90A(turbo) controller, which is currently the highest current controller in the industry.

With a 60A battery under the 3C standard, the maximum current that can be transmitted is 60A * 3 = 180A. In normal conditions, the continuous current of the 7260R is 140A.


Inherited Supreme’s introduction TFT large screen, but added more optional Settings, with the Teverun APP, you can accurately and detailed understand the real-time status of your scooter.

C. Waterproofing: IPX5

Although many electronic control accessories of 7260R have reached the waterproof performance level of IP65, we have positioned its overall waterproof level to IPX5, which is more suitable for actual use.

D. KKE adjustable suspension

With a super long stroke of 34mm, it provides maximum shock absorption space for the scooter. No more worries about frame wear caused by heavy loads or the uncomfortable feeling of stiff shock absorption.

The adjustable shock strength allows you to customize freely according to your weight and preferences, ranging from soft to hard! The complex and varied mountain trails and off-road sand are easily handled with the 7260R shock absorption.

E. Turbo Mode

Within a safe range, we have added a racing-grade experience with Turbo mode, which can instantly increase the maximum current by 40A, raising the current of a single controller to 90A and achieving an instantaneous speed of over 120km/h! It’s hard to believe!

Battery failure? Aging? Over temperature? Even an explosion?

Get ready to say goodbye to those questions.

Completely abandoning the traditional lithium battery, the 7260R will use a new blade battery, completely composed of SK cells.

Compared with ternary lithium batteries, blade batteries can provide more durable battery life and energy output.

Up to thousands of charge and discharge times, greatly extending the life of the blade battery.

In addition, the structure of the blade battery makes it safer than the ternary lithium battery, thus avoiding short circuits and overcharging

Under extremely cold and extremely hot conditions, the advantages of blade batteries will be more obvious, and blade batteries have significantly stronger high temperature and low temperature resistance than ternary lithium batteries, which is why many trolley companies still use blade batteries

Thanks to the excellent performance of the blade battery, the 7260R’s average battery life can reach 200KM.


The lights of Teverun are always a bright spot that cannot be ignored.

In addition to the necessary steering and brake lights, there are streamlined lights from the rod to the pedals to the rear wing, giving the Teverun scooter a more stylish and innovative character, you are the most cool guy on the street at night.

You can choose from hundreds of light modes on the Teverun APP, which is most suitable for you, and speed through the streets at night.


Ordinary hydraulic brakes will not be able to meet such a large machine.

We’ve chosen a new four-piston hydraulic brake with greater fluid storage, more responsive braking, and a cooling brake to keep the brakes on!

No longer have to worry about the short life of the brake plate, and do not have to replace the brake plate frequently.

The new four-piston oil pressure allows the disc to greatly cool itself through wind resistance, and increases the efficiency of regenerative braking, extending its own life.