Ensuring the Safety of Electric Scooter Stems and Necks

Electric scooters are gaining popularity in urban transportation. However, the risk of stem and neck fractures remains a potential safety concern. In this article, we will delve into how to ensure that electric scooter stems and necks do not break, focusing on three key aspects: safe folding design, forging and heat treatment processes, and appropriate material selection. Why Are Stems and Necks Prone to Breakage? A. Location of Maximum Stress Points The susceptibility of electric scooter stems, suspension and necks

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As you know , TEVERUN FIGHTER SUPREME 7260R is using BLADE BATTERY of SK brand , so what is a blade battery? A Blade Battery is a special type of lithium-ion battery developed by the Chinese battery manufacturing company Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL). It is named after its unique long and thin shape, resembling a blade. The design of the Blade Battery differs from traditional cylindrical or rectangular batteries and comes with specific advantages and characteristics. Key features

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Collaborating with DEALERs: A Synergistic Partnership with TEVERUN

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing and commerce, forging strategic alliances with agents has become a cornerstone practice. At TEVERUN, we take immense pride in our symbiotic rapport with agents, fostering a robust network that resonates prosperity for all stakeholders involved. 1. A Diverse Product Lineup: Meeting Diverse Electric Scooter Needs At TEVERUN, we boast a diverse array of electric scooters, ranging from compact models to high-performance powerhouses. This comprehensive lineup empowers our dealers to cater to a broad spectrum

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10 Key Points for Creating the Fastest Electric Scooter

From Motors to Batteries: How Every Component Contributes to Speed Note: Only with a sufficiently high battery current can a powerful controller be supported. The battery, controller, and motor – these three systems must collaborate harmoniously for stability and speed. Increasing the performance of just one component without an integrated approach can lead to dangerous outcomes

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