Your Thinking

We need partners who agree with Teverun’s values, like Teverun scooters, respect and love electric scooter career.

Your Market

We need to check your target country or area,see if we already have dealers there. As we have region protect regulation, if we already have deals in your target market, we will try helping you build partnership with this local dealer.


Marketing Support

We will regularly share product videos, photos and other promotional materials with our dealers. We hope that our sales could not only provide best scooters, but also help you with making marketing plans

Technical Support

We share R&D and technology platforms with minimotors. Also we have our own technical team. We could provide video trainings about: technical knowledges , technical explaination of difficult issues , efficient way for maintance etc.

After-Sale Support

We offer a one-year warranty for teverun scooters. We have professional after-sale team, who could get back to you within 24 hours if you meet any problems.

Price Control

We strictly control our minimum retail price and have related pricing regulations ,to prevent vicious competition between our partners.

Region Protect

We will control the number of dealers according to the market capacity (normally 1-3 agents in each country) , This is to ensure that all teverun partners could has enough market and benefit potentials.

Customer Sharing

From our website ,Facebook, Ins,Linkedin and Youtube channel ,we often receive messages from customers all over the world. We will send their information to the most appropriate dealer according to your stock and location.